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If you know someone who has died from breast cancer, they died from metastatic breast cancer. Most people don't know that, and even fewer people understand that. Despite that fact, only 2% of money for breast cancer research is dedicated toward understanding metastatic breast cancer, or finding solutions to significantly extend the lives of those living with the disease. We need your help to shift the public discussion and prompt action about and for our disease.  Together we can be the catalyst for the change that in the end will give us life.


In the sea of pink breast cancer awareness campaigns, METAvivor works to specifically raise awareness about the truths of metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer and the inequities in funding for this form of the disease. Learn More


METAvivor regularly launches public awareness campaigns to increase understanding about metastatic breast cancer and direct attention and action toward the life-saving research that is needed if we truly want to reduce deaths from metastatic breast cancer.  We not only welcome but encourage involvement in our campaigns.


METAvivor has a North American network of 11 geographic regions that focus on fundraising and awareness about MBC. To learn more about volunteer opportunities in your region, click here.


METAvivor partners with pharmaceutical and other corporations to promote awareness and research for metastatic breast cancer. Learn More


METAvivor raises funds and awards grants for metastatic breast cancer research, with the goal of improving the lives of patients. Please consider sponsoring a fundraiser, big or small, to help fund this critical work. We offer ideas and assistance to ensure your efforts are successful and meaningful. Learn More


The current sad truth about metastatic breast cancer is that almost no one survives it. But the memories of those who have lived with this disease will never die. To preserve their stories, we have an online memorial wall to honor all of those who have gone before us. Learn more about posting a tribute to your loved one.


One hundred percent of all funds raised or donated to METAvivor go directly to fund grants for metastatic breast cancer research (unless the donor designates otherwise). Make a donation today in the name of someone you love, or consider planned giving and legacy gifts that will support our cause and save the lives of future METAvivors. Learn More


Your donations help METAvivor fund the research that we believe will save lives. Click here to make an online donation, or to learn how to donate via personal check. For more information on planned giving or including METAvivor in your estate plan, please contact us.