Sea to Sea for MBC Advocacy

The 2019 Sea to Sea for Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy Campaign will kick-off in June and will include teams of two MBC patients and advocates that will travel across the U.S. to raise awareness of MBC and to educate patients how to effectively advocate for their own health. 

2019 Sea to Sea Tour Locations:

April 24-26 2019 - New Orleans, LA

April 27, 2019 - Houston, TX 

  •  Sisters Network 9th Annual Stop the Silence 5k 

June 2019 - Bentonville, Arkansas 

July 2019 - Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Lilly Oncology Event

August 2019 - Columbus, Ohio 

September 2019 - New Jersey 

September 2019 - Boston, Mass

October 8, 2019 - Philadelphia, PA 

October 10-11, 2019 - Washington DC

*check back for updated information


The travel teams have a mission to:

1. Conduct training and outreach to those with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) with a focus on underserved metastatic breast cancer patients;

2. Provide education and materials to the public about METAvivor, MBC and the need for additional research funding;

3. Train MBC patients on advocacy and advocacy iniitatives; and

4. Visit cancer centers, partners and collaborators to share information about METAvivor’s research grants, encourage researchers to pursue MBC research grant awards and visit with top MBC researchers.

METAvivor will be in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Mobile for this important program. The #METAvivorMobile will be loaded with information about MBC, clinical trials, advocacy initiatives and peer support programs. This year, we will visit 14 states and attend 20 events. Participate in contests to guess where the #METAvivorMobile, join us for a ride-a-long and share the events through social media using #C2C4MBC, #DONTIGNORESTAGEIV, #C2Cinyourcity and #METAviviorMobile.

In 2015, METAvivor launched our first Sea to Sea for MBC Campaign, a cross-country trip designed to raise awareness about metastatic breast cancer.  Volunteers and METAvivor Board members traveled across the country to speak with MBC patients and caregivers, to visit the research centers where we have funded MBC grants, and to attend speaking engagements to raise awareness and educate the public about MBC.

Our 2015 Sea to Sea for MBC campaign was a great success, enabling us to visit 26 cities across the country to spread the word about getting MBC the funding it deserves.

Our 2015 campaign was just the beginning—we expect the launch of our 2017 Sea to Sea for MBC Advocacy campaign will deliver even more information.

2015 Sea to sea Map


Sponsored by Lilly Oncology - More for MBC, Seattle Genetics, Astrazenaca, and Macrogenics.