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It's hard not to be aware of breast cancer. Pink ribbons abound, telling the stories of early detection and survival. The dark secret of breast cancer, however, is told by METAvivors - those men and women who are living with the kind of breast cancer that kills. This is the story that must be told, and you can help. We are now establishing 11 North American regional teams to help spread awareness, promote research, and raise funds specifically dedicated to rendering stage IV breast cancer a survivable condition.

Regional Metavivor Chapters (Select Your Region)

We invite you to join our dedicated volunteers in one of our 11 regions. As we grow we will create volunteer teams in every state. Each team acts regionally with guidance from METAvivor to promote local and national METAvivor projects. Whether you have many hours or only a few each month to spare, we can use you. Click on your region to learn more about the initiatives and opportunities in your area.

Are you outside of the U.S. and Canada and want to get involved internationally? Click here


While breast cancer awareness is prominent in pink promotions everywhere, there is far less understanding of the specific realities of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. And those who do understand often prefer to ignore the existence of the disease, finding it too frightening to contemplate.  Despite tremendous focus on prevention and early detection, the fact remains that thirty percent of patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer will eventually metastasize and ultimately die from the disease. Volunteer to help raise awareness about MBC in your region.

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