Women and men die from breast cancer only
after it has become metastastic breast cancer.

Our Story

Our lives and experiences, our support and our research differ from that associated with the traditional cancer “survivor” and thus we do not use that term. Instead we refer to ourselves as “METAvivors.” We are a thriving community of people living against the odds every day, fighting for the research that could save our lives.

If you know someone who has died from breast cancer, they died from metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer, or stage 4 breast cancer, is the spread of breast cancer to non-adjacent parts of the body — most commonly to the bones, liver, lungs and/or brain. Many effective breast cancer treatments exist, but if the cancer metastasizes and spreads outside of the breast, there is no cure. 100% of breast cancer deaths occur because of metastasis, and almost 100% of people whose breast cancer has metastasized will die from it. In the United States alone, this means that more than 40,000 vibrant lives are lost each year.

Our focus is to raise awareness about metastatic breast cancer in order to provide metastasis researchers the grants they need to transform metastatic breast cancer from a terminal disease into a chronic disease. Researchers believe that with the right resources it is possible, but the popular breast cancer fundraising movements give on average only 2% of their research funds to researching metastasis while 30% of patients diagnosed with earlier stage breast cancer will eventually develop stage 4 breast cancer and die. Our goal is clear, but to be successful we need you.


Did You Know?

100% of people diagnosed with
Metastatic Breast Cancer will
die from the disease.

30% of all breast cancer
patients become metastatic

however only 2% of breast cancer donations go
to metastatic cancer research

We have made it our
mission to change that.

3 Easy Steps to Get Involved


As we continue to spread the word about the importance of metastatic
breast cancer research, the most helpful asset we could have is you.
With your help, sharing our message will one day make a terminal
stage IV breast cancer diagnosis a thing of the past.

Here are 3 easy things you can do to get involved.

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Latest News

Upcoming Events

Joe Runs Sea to Sea for MBC

Over 122 days Joe will run 3,845 miles, transiting twelve states and meeting with metastasis researchers, metastatic patients and family members all in support of METAvivor and metastatic breast cancer research.

Research News

2013 Grant Announcement

METAvivor is thrilled to announce the award of four research grants totaling $320,000 to fund scientific research to enhance understanding of metastatic breast cancer and to develop much needed therapeutic options to combat this complicated disease. This is the fourth year METAvivor has awarded research grants.


The Importance of Seed Money

Researchers have told me time and time again that it is extremely difficult to get seed money to fund new ideas. Organizations that give large sums of money for research expect a reasonable chance that the research will be successful, and thus, tend to fund studies that explore ideas for which data has already been collected. Therefore, in order to show that an idea has merit, you must have some data. And you need data to get money. So, how do you generate data with no money?

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