Landmarks Unite to Shine a Light on Metastatic Breast Cancer on October 13

BY METAvivor Research and Support


Over 225 Landmarks Across All 50 States and Around the World Will Unite to Shine a Light on Metastatic Breast Cancer on October 13

METAvivor Research and Support announces the launch of the third annual global landmark campaign, #LightUpMBC, to shine a light on the importance of awareness and funding for metastatic breast cancer research. Every year, more than 685,000 people worldwide die from metastatic breast cancer (MBC), also known as Stage IV or advanced breast cancer, for which there is no cure. This happens when the cancer spreads beyond the breast to other parts of the body.

On October 13, National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, over 225 landmarks in all 50 U.S. states as well as Puerto Rico, Canada, Sweden and Ireland, will light up in the MBC awareness colors of green, teal and pink, as part of the #LightUpMBC campaign. In an era of inclusivity, people may not realize that pink does not resonate with the MBC community. Designed and trademarked by METAvivor volunteers, the tri-color ribbon of teal, green and pink symbolizes hope, immortality, healing and spirituality. Iconic participating locations include: One World Trade Center, Niagara Falls, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, BMW Zentrum and the Kilkenny Castle in Ireland.

#LightUpMBC Live, a virtual benefit co-hosted by TV personality Katie McGee and MBC Advocate Tami Eagle Bowling will begin at 8:30 p.m, EST on October 13. Viewers can livestream on LiveXLive (NASDAQ: LIVX),, Facebook Live @METAvivor, and YouTube @METAvivor. The event will include inspiring MBC stories from illuminated landmarks around the globe and musical guests such as Kristin Chenoweth, Tom Morello, Rob Thomas and JD Eicher.

“It saddens me to see how many people I have met that have not surpassed the 2-3 year life expectancy for metastatic breast cancer,” said METAvivor President Jamil Rivers. “100% of every donation to METAvivor funds stage IV MBC research. It is simply the only way to extend the lives of those living with this terminal disease.”

Founder of #LightUpMBC Laura Inahara shared, “I lost my best friend at the age of 36 to MBC and realized how little was known about late stage breast cancer. I am determined to educate people that less than 5% of breast cancer research funding in the U.S. goes to stage IV MBC research, yet 98% of all breast cancer deaths are metastatic. This needs to change.”

National event sponsors include Seagen, Pfizer, Hulu, BMW and The Eagle Method.

For more information, to donate and view a list of participating landmarks, please go to and follow Facebook at @METAvivor and Instagram @metavivor.

About METAvivor and the Origin of the Breast Cancer (MBC) Ribbon:
METAvivor Research and Support is dedicated to the specific fight of men and women living with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. It is a volunteer-led, charitable non-profit organization that exclusively funds stage IV MBC research to transition the disease from terminal to chronic with a good quality of life for MBC patients. METAvivor puts 100% of every donation toward stage IV metastatic breast cancer research.

The pink ribbon is well-known for representing the fight against breast cancer, but many Stage 4 breast cancer patients feel that pink does not encapsulate their experience. Metastatic Breast Cancer may start in the breast, but its spread to vital organs makes the disease fatal. To highlight the uniqueness of the disease and show its commonality with other stage 4 cancers, METAvivor designed a base ribbon of green and teal to represent metastasis. Green represents the triumph of spring over winter, life over death, and symbolizes renewal, hope, and immortality while teal symbolizes healing and spirituality. The thin pink ribbon overlay signifies the metastatic cancer originated in the breast.

For more information on METAvivor and to donate, visit and follow on Facebook @METAvivor and Instagram @metavivor.

About #LightUpMBC:
#LightUpMBC is a campaign produced by Moore Fight Moore Strong (MFMS) in memory of Jessica Moore to increase awareness and funding for metastatic breast cancer research. by partnering with landmarks to illuminate in the symbolic MBC colors of teal, green and pink. All proceeds raised through #LightUpMBC benefit METAvivor Research and Support

For more information on the #LightUpMBC campaign, follow on Facebook @LightUpMBC and Instagram @lightupmbc.

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