METAvivor Research and Support, Inc. Announces New Board President

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METAvivor Research and Support, Inc. Announces New Board President

Metavivor Research and Support Inc., a national non-profit organization dedicated to funding research for stage IV metastatic breast cancer (MBC), announces its first Black president, Jamil K. Rivers of Philadelphia, PA.

Jamil was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer de novo at age 39. Determined to fight to live for her children, husband and family, she researched vigorously to learn how to best prepare for the challenge before her and to survive. She continues to work full-time as a nonprofit CFO and live an active life. She believes that the research she did to prepare herself for her cancer journey has been critical in her recovery and overall wellness.

She became an advocate to use her voice and experiences to help advance legislative policy, medical research and customize support to better meet the needs of individuals impacted by breast cancer, particularly metastatic and African-American patients. She regularly connects women and men to resources for screening, treatment and support. Jamil has participated in countless community health events and has facilitated the design and funding of two metastatic clinical trials. She continues to be an advocate for those living with metastatic cancer in Pennsylvania and Washington, DC including presenting testimony to the FDA.

Jamil has also been featured in People Magazine, CBS News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Tribune, national campaigns for Anthropologie, Novartis, Pfizer, Cancer and Careers as well as Good Morning America. In addition to her knowledge and experience with metastatic breast cancer, Jamil has over 20 years of experience in financial management and nonprofit leadership.

"In my new role as Board President of Metavivor, I plan to contribute to Metavivor's mission of transitioning metastatic breast cancer from a terminal illness to a chronic, manageable disease with a good quality of life" said Rivers.

Metastatic breast cancer (also known as stage IV or advanced stage cancer) is the spread of breast cancer to other parts of the body -- most commonly to the bones, liver, lungs and/or brain. Approximately 30% of breast cancer patients metastasize, with the mean survival after diagnosis being 33 months. In the US, only 2-5% of all cancer research funds are dedicated to stage IV cancer research – yet 98% of all breast cancer deaths are caused by a metastasis.


Metavivor Research and Support Inc. is an Annapolis-based, 501(c)(3), volunteer-led, non-profit organization founded by metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients in 2009.  The organization's main focus is to fund critical research that will lead to advances in treatment options, quality of life and survival for patients diagnosed with MBC.  Since 2009, Metavivor has awarded 106 research grants totaling $13.6 million. Metavivor is the only national organization with a peer-reviewed grant program aimed at exclusively funding MBC research, and 100% of all donations go to fund research.

Metavivor also raises awareness of MBC, provides support for people living with this disease, and offers opportunities for others to help make a difference for the metastatic community. Metavivor has gained a rapidly growing following within the breast cancer community and has become a leader in its field.

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