Policy and the Power of Patient Advocacy

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Policy and the Power of Patient Advocacy

S02 E07 Policy and the Power of Patient Advocacy

It does not take long after a diagnosis of MBC to see that policies and legislation have a tremendous impact on our lives and the resources that are available to us as we navigate this complex world. In this episode we explore policy and legislation from the perspective of the patient advocate who make it their mission to cause change. These incredible individuals help break it all down for us . Joining us are patient advocates Abigail Johnston, Kelli Davis, and Shirley Mertz. They share their experiences with MBC and how they became involved in advocacy. We also hear from leading policy experts who have done outstanding lobbying over the years, Deb Collyer of Patient Advocates In Research, also known as PAIR, Molly Guthrie from Komen Center for Public Policy, Barry Lenk from Metavivor, Ivis Sampayo of SHARE Cancer Support, and Fran Visco of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Here are some great stories about the power of advocacy.


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