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Tazzy Candy Launches Better-For-You Acai Berry “Do Good” Lollipops Donating 10% of Net Proceeds to METAvivor to Support Metastatic Breast Cancer Research and Awareness

In honor of supporting Breast Cancer Awareness year-round, Tazzy Candy, a women-owned, better-for-you candy company, announced today the launch of their new "Do Good" Acai Berry Lollipops. The "Do Good" pops were created in partnership with the duo’s two friends, Jacquie and Kerry, diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2020, and METAvivor, a non-profit organization dedicated to Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) research, support, and awareness. In addition, this women-owned candy company will be donating 10% of the net proceeds of each "Do Good" purchase to METAvivor to help spread awareness and raise funds for MBC research year-round.

According to METAvivor’s Executive Director, Sonya Negley, “roughly 4% of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients are Stage IV at initial diagnosis, and an additional 30% of people who are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer will eventually metastasize. Yet less than 5% of funds raised for breast cancer research are focused on research for the already metastasized patient. MBC is the only breast cancer that is terminal.” 100% of donations to METAvivor are used to fund research for MBC. The organization’s primary goal is to shift MBC from a terminal disease to a chronic condition with a decent quality of life.

“Jacquie and Kerry are absolute warriors; going through treatment, working full-time jobs, while fundraising for and building awareness of MBC alongside their families, ' said Hughes, co-founder of Tazzy Candy. “We were so inspired by their stories, vibrant spirit, and dedication to raising awareness that we wanted to get involved. To learn more about Jacquie and Kerry’s story or to get involved, visit Jacquie and Kerry’s METAvivor fundraising page here.”

Tazzy Candy’s full-line of lollipops
has no sugar and is made
exclusively with natural flavors
and colors from real fruit and
vegetable juice. They are vegan,
gluten-free, kosher, and only 12.5
calories per pop. The “Do Good”
pops carry a rich berry flavor with
bright sweetness.

“What makes these pops even more special is that the personas showcased on the front of each bag were created specifically for Jacquie and Kerry to highlight their personalities and passions,” said Simon, co-founder of Tazzy Candy. “We even had the two go through a fun and rigorous lollipop taste test to choose the flavor of the product, Acai Berry.”

Tazzy Candy was founded by Delia Hughes and Lindsay Simon, two 29-year-old entrepreneurs on a mission to disrupt the better-for-you candy space with alternative sweets that are satisfying, long-lasting, and full of vibrant, unconventional flavors. Each flavor is curated specifically for an adult palate with recipes that balance sweetness and allow the natural fruit flavors to shine through.

Tazzy launched with the classic lollipop format to bring fun and nostalgia back into the lives of adult candy lovers. The two women have gained a lot of attention due to their innovative candy and their differentiated branding. Tazzy Candy celebrates individualism by creating an eye-catching persona on the front of each product. The mission behind these characters is to embrace diversity of style, personality, and flair. When choosing a name for the company, the founders looked for something that exemplified their character. Thus, they landed on Tazzy. Tazzy is short for the Tasmanian Devil, a feisty, strong-willed creature often underestimated due to its small, unassuming appearance. The duo looks to this name for inspiration as they continue to tackle the challenges of being two young female entrepreneurs.

With more innovations on the way this year, these two women are buckling up for a sweet, sour, and probably even spicy candy adventure.

Find their products online at Tazzy.co, Amazon, Snackmagic.com, or at The Goods Mart. To learn more and find their other flavor lineup, please visit tazzy.co and follow Tazzy Candy on Instagram at @tazzycandy.

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