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This portal is designed to help you navigate a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Please answer a few questions to get specific information about your type of metastatic breast cancer (MBC). 

About METAvivor

METAvivor Research and Support, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization with the mission to fund stage IV metastatic breast cancer research to one day transition the disease from terminal to chronic, yet manageable with a good quality of life. METAvivor also works to improve the quality of life of those living with metastatic breast cancer, through support, awareness, advocacy and education. Since 2009, METAvivor awarded 68 research grants totaling $7.4 million. METAvivor is the only national organization with a peer-reviewed grant program aimed at exclusively funding MBC research, and 100% of all donations go to fund research


  • Research – Research is the priority for METAvivor. Metastatic breast cancer is woefully underfunded and there is no “cure”. METAvivor is committed to funding the best research nationally based on a peer review process annually. It is the only way to speed new treatments and therapies. Interested in raising money for research? Contact METAvivor at [email protected]
  • Interested to learn more about the research METAvivor has funded and its progress? Click here to review research grants 
  • Peer To Peer Support Groups – Would you like to start or join a peer support group? Click here to find a support group 
  • Sea to Sea for MBC – Sea to Sea for Metastatic Breast Cancer is a program that involves teams of two MBC patients and supporters that tour the country in the #METAvivorMoblie, traveling  from State to State – Coast to Coast to raise awareness of MBC and to educate patients about the disease, train them to advocate for their own health and treatment and to share clinical trial information.   
  • Stage IV Stampede – Are you interested in advocacy? Are you passionate about increasing research funding for metastatic breast cancer? Check out METAvivor’s stage IV metastatic breast cancer training and advocacy program here

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It is expected that more than 150,000 people are currently living with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. One in three people diagnosed with early stage disease will later become metastatic . 

Prevention and early detection, the focus of much of the breast cancer research conducted in recent decades, are laudable goals. But they do no good for those who have already had breast cancer, and especially for those who have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer - currently a terminal disease. METAvivor works diligently to raise funds for research because this is how lives will be saved. The current funding disparity is deadly for breast cancer patients, and METAvivor will tirelessly advocate for equity until 30% of breast cancer research funds are allocated to research that will ultimately save the lives of metastatic breast cancer patients.