Barbara Bigelow Takes Over the METAvivor Blog.

BY Barbara Bigelow


My name is Barbara Bigelow, I am a member of the METAvivor Board of Directors and a metastatic breast cancer patient advocate.  As part of my board responsibility, I will be in charge of the METAvivor blog.  To that end, I would love for you to send me ideas or short content to review as a possible guest blogger post.  You may send them to me at [email protected] Some may be selected to go on the blog site and some may be edited if needed. 

Submissions should be personal or of interest to the metastatic breast cancer community. We would love to hear what’s going on in your corner of the world, the things that make you happy and make life worth living. If you quote statistics, please source them. Please do not give medical advice and limit the ranting.

Some ideas for possible blog posts could be how and why you became a patient advocate and what the diagnosis has meant to you or how you have changed. What local things are happening in your community to support METAvivor's mission to raise awareness about the need for money to fund research? Has someone in your life gone above and beyond? The more personal the story the better. Fresh perspectives, new voices, acts of kindness are all welcome. Of course, we will also update you via the blog about research, new programs and other things happening at METAvivor.

Our first guest blogger is METAvivor's Immediate Past President, Beth Fairchild. Watch for her blog about her time as president for METAvivor, coming soon!


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