Stage IV Stampede

METAvivor's comprehensive Advocacy program includes two major events:  The Stage IV Stampede: an in-person, advocacy event held in Washington DC held in October each year and Ground Swell, a premier virtual advocacy event held in February each year. The two annual advocacy events are designed to raise attention to the needs of the metastatic breast cancer community. The Stampede brings together patients, caregivers, and supporters, including family members, friends, and those who have lost a loved one to metastatic breast cancer. During the 2024 Stampede, we will be advocating in-person in Washington DC to advance  Stage IV, metastatic cancer research and improve access to quality healthcare and benefits for individuals impacted by MBC. We will also host the virtual Ground Swell event in February of 2024. 

2024 Stage IV Ground Swell

February 5th - 29th, 2024 (State Captains - Make Your Own Schedule)

Get ready for METAvivor's first Stage IV Ground Swell where we will go virtual and build upon the success of Stage IV Stampede.


Registration is open and any one who would like to participate can registere HERE.

Much like Stage IV Stampede, we will provide online training materials and empower you as an advocate. You will learn how to effectively use your voice and share your personal story to make a siginifcant impact by:

  • Urging your congressional representatives to allocate meaningful funding increases for medical research programs dedicated to controlling and eliminating cancer that has already devastated lives.
  • Encouraging your congressional representatives to cosponsor and enact crucial legislation aimed at enhancing healthcare coverage and accessibility for the community.


Join METAvivor on Friday, January 19, 2024 at 1 pm EST/12 Noon CST/10 am PST for the launch of Ground Swell! After you register, we will send a Zoom link to your inbox.


Ground Swell will utilize our State Captains in major ways. Each State Captain will coordinate and schedule legislative meetings. METAvivor will provide legislative priority documents and training so the State Captains are poised to use their leadership, passion, and knowledge to mobilize the advocates in their group to take action and make a difference in the MBC community. If you are interested in being a State Captain please make sure to notate that when registering for Ground Swell.

2024 Stage iv stampede

Coming to Washington DC in October 2024   

Tell Your Members of Congress, "Don't Ignore Stage IV"

Welcome to the 8th annual Metavivor Stage IV Stampede information page. This year, the Stage IV Stampede will be in person at the Holiday Inn-Capitol Hill.

Registration has closed and we are looking forward to a great event! If you are anticipating the event, you can sign-up for Advocacy updates and alerts HERE.

In the run-up to the Stage IV Stampede, we will support you with online training materials that help you be the best advocate for yourself by using your voice and your personal story to make a difference by:

  • Asking your congressional representatives to provide meaningful funding increases for medical research programs advancing efforts to control and eliminate cancer that has already decimated.
  • Encouraging your congressional representatives to cosponsor and enact important legislation seeking to improve healthcare coverage and access for the community.

The Stage IV Stampede is part of Metavivor’s ongoing grassroots advocacy efforts designed to raise attention to issues relevant to the metastatic breast cancer community with members of Congress. The Stampede is our biggest and most important event.  We hope you will join us.


METAvivor will be back in-person for the eighth annual Stampede in Washington DC. Also, this year, there will be an even greater emphasis on advanced training and preparation for the Stampede to make it as easy as possible to participate. For now, you can find advocacy tools and resources HERE on our website.

**If you are unable to attend in person, we will be sending more information in the coming months about our MBC Ground Swell initiative in November. 

2024 online training schedule - Coming Soon

TBA- Civics 101 and Why Advocacy

  • Watch the Civics 101 and Why Advocacy recording HERE.

TBA - Appropriations and Federal Funding

  • Watch the Appropriations and Federal Funding recording HERE.

TBA - Coverage and Access, Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act

  • Watch the Coverage and Access, Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act recording HERE.

TBA - Coverage and Access, Cancer Drug Parity Act

  • Watch the Coverage and Access, Cancer Drug Parity Act recording HERE.

TBA - Stampede Kickoff and Virtual Training Session (Mandatory for participants)

**Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the webinars listed above. These webinars will provide insight and vital information on various subjects related to Stage IV Stampede.

2024 Event Schedule - Coming Soon


VOlunteer opportunities

Please contact [email protected] for volunteer opportunities and information.