Sponsorship Opportunities

Breast cancer sponsorship should not be about trendiness. It should be about saving lives. METAvivor is a voice for numerous women and men living with metastatic breast cancer, and for the 40,000 who die each year in the US and can no longer speak for themselves. To prevent the deadly reality of their diagnosis from getting lost in the sea of pink, our fundraising efforts are entirely dedicated to making possible the metastatic breast cancer research that is otherwise not being funded. To help support our operations and special programs, we partner with corporate sponsors who understand the need to expand the pink cause. There are several ways for corporations to help our cause.


METAvivor is happy to partner with corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals to further our mission. For more information on becoming a METAvivor partner, please contact METAvivor Strategic Plans. Download our brochure here.


METAvivor and its regional teams hold fundraising events throughout the  year to raise money for METAvivor’s metastatic breast cancer research grants. Sponsorship funding is needed for the costs associated with these events. For more information about sponsoring a METAvivor fundraiser, please contact METAvivor Fundraising.


METAvivor is led by volunteers, many of whom live with the daily challenge of metastatic breast cancer. We work hard to keep expenses to a minimum, but we do have administrative costs, including web hosting, audits, insurance, registration fees, printing, and supplies. METAvivor puts 100% of all donations into its research grants unless otherwise specified by the donor.  If you wish to sponsor our operational costs, please specify that the funds you send are for that purpose.  For more information, contact METAvivor Fundraising or donate here for operations


Grants received to support our administrative, educational, advocacy, and fundraising costs are an invaluable part of our program. Along with sponsorships, grants received make it possible for METAvivor to continue to put 100% of all donations into its metastatic breast cancer research grants. If you have information about available grant funding, please contact METAvivor Program Grants.