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Co-host Chawnte Randall interviews Metavivor's new President, Jamil Rivers, the first Black President of an MBC organization. Jamil discusses the many ways Metavivor fundraises for much needed MBC Research & the way this foundation evaluates research grants. Listen for her inspiring insights as a groundbreaking leader that includes the necessity of self-care. Also with Chawnte, is an interview with Laura Inahara, the founder of Moore Fight Moore Strong. Learn about this wonderful organization that is lighting up the globe with MBC colors while bringing awareness & money to metastatic breast cancer research.



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Jamil Rivers returns to continue our conversation about patient advocacy and how to support and find resources for cancer patients!


 Good Morning America 

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Jamil Rivers joined "Good Morning America," along with her husband, Ricky, and their three sons, Tre, Michael and Joshua, to discuss how she has stayed positive through her metastatic breast cancer treatment.


 Patient Power

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What are first-line treatments for different subsets of metastatic breast cancer (MBC)? When do clinical trials fit in? What is the role of biomarkers when deciding treatments? What treatments are in development that experts are excited about? In Episode 4 of our Let's Talk Metastatic Breast Cancer series, patient host Kelly Shanahan and Tigerlily Foundation advocate Nunny Reece answer these questions with input from experts Dr. Natasha Hunter of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Dr. Marleen Meyers of NYU Langone's Perlmutter Cancer Center. Watch to hear the full discussion.


 Speaking Out Presented by Cure

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The Speaking Out video series ensures that we are giving patients, caregivers, and advocates as much helpful information as possible for their cancer journey. In this series, we work with leading cancer advocacy groups to offer advice and assistance to individuals across various cancer types, as well as their caregivers, advocates, and health care professionals.





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A Metastatic Breast Cancer Diary: Jamil Rivers
Jamil Rivers, 42, is the board president of METAvivor, a nonprofit breast cancer organization. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at age 39.

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