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BY METAvivor Board of Directors


In November, METAvivor tried something a little different. We shared branded information with the community about novel testing that may help those with metastatic breast cancer make more informed choices about their treatment or potentially, the next bridge treatment. Why? Research can help those living with metastatic breast cancer in many ways; new treatments and therapies, adjustments to dosing for better quality of life, bench research to discover ways to cure cancer and new ways to determine if treatments are working or inform which treatment would be best for the individual. Sometimes these tests are very, very new to market. Your oncologist may not even know about them yet. And sometimes, we know about them first.

Your disease can change very rapidly and we always want you to be the best informed advocate for your care and in those instance and where we can, we will deliver that information to you. We had a tremendous response to our Testing series. We discussed three tests new to market ctDNA tests - Altera TM, Signater TM and Travera TM. Each of these tests were unique and require different samples for testing including tissue samples (fresh and old), fluid and fresh tissue samples.

We are excited that these tests are evolving and becoming better predictors of possible next best treatments. You will hear more about this over the coming months. We also had a rare opportunity to participate in a partnership with Travera to allow you to take advantage of this new to market test at no charge. This rare opportunity is not for everyone but for those where this is a fit, our friends at Travera have opened the program to 100 people living with MBC. 

If you weren't able to join the webinar, you can view a recording of each of the programs (listed and labeled below). Please share with those in our wonderful MBC community and reach out with any questions. 


ctDNA Testing - Signatera (Watch Now)

ctDNA Testing - Altera (Watch Now)

Travera Testing (Watch Now)

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