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Just copying this status update from CJ on METAvivor’s Facebook page:

‘The Pinkwell winners were announced today. Since we had predicted that we would earn at least $45,000 during the contest — and we did, we earned an incredible $206,000 — Pinkwell will award us $45,000! Thanks so much for everyone’s support. Our research fund keeps growing with your help.’

I don’t have all the details, but what I believe this means is that each organization in the PinkWell challenge had to set a fundraising goal to be reached by the end of the contest, and that some of the PinkWell grants would be based on which groups met those goals. The goal set by METAvivor was to raise $45,000. Which means that it is indeed ‘incredible’ that METAvivor earned $206,000 by the time the contest voting was closed! And for that, PinkWell matched our goal by awarding us an additional $45,000. As I get more details from CJ, I will update this post.

CJ is at ASCO this weekend, which is the Annual Meeting for the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The meeting program is here: ASCO Connection. More to come on this, I’m sure.

In the meantime, I know that CJ and everyone would join me in thanking all who voted for METAvivor and helped us win this grant. From our main site:

The METAvivor Research Program was established in 2009 with the singular goal of funding research to end death from metastatic breast cancer (MBC).[...] METAvivor is the only US non-profit awarding research grants solely for metastatic breast cancer. The organization is run entirely by volunteers, the majority of whom have the disease.

You may read about the research grants we have previously awarded here: METAvivor’s Research Grants.


~ Kathi

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