Update on the Komen/Kohl’s Campaign Controversy

BY Kelly Lange


On Friday Directory of Advocacy and former President Dian “CJ” Corneliussen-James contacted Kohl’s headquarters and reached the office of the President. After explaining the situation to a helpful employee who was unaware of METAvivor and our campaign, CJ was promised that the President of Kohl’s would call her on Friday. As of this posting on Saturday morning, we have not received a call from Kohl’s.

METAvivor has decided not to comment further on the similarities of the campaigns as an organization to give Kohl’s a chance to respond. We greatly appreciate everyone’s support for our 2012 Elephant in The Pink Room campaign. We encourage everyone to continue to tweet and post about this on our behalf while we explore our options. We welcome your comments on this blog post and our Facebook page.

METAvivor's Elephant in the Pink Room Campaign

Komen/Kohl's Pink Elephant in the Room Campaign

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