Call for nominations: Metastasis Research Society Awards


The Metastasis Research Society (MRS) is currently soliciting nominations for its biennial awards:

The Paget-Ewing Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Metastasis Research Society and recognizes the excellence of an investigator in the field of metastasis research who has made substantial contributions to the understanding and/or control of cancer metastasis.

The I.J. "Josh" Fidler Innovation in Metastasis Research Award is given to an investigator who has made innovative contributions to metastasis research, thereby influencing the direction - either technically or conceptually - of this area of research.

The Kurt Hellman Award recognizes an outstanding investigator who has contributed significantly to the translation of metastasis research into clinical practice.

These awards are open to all members of the metastasis research community apart from current members of the Board of Directors of the MRS. In addition, MRS members are eligible for the newly-established MRS Young Investigator Award.

More details about the awards can be found on the MRS web site.

Each award comprises a monetary prize and financing for the recipient to attend and talk at the MRS biennial conference that will be held in Chengdu, China in September 2016. Nominations should briefly state the outstanding achievements of the nominee, and include a recent CV and publication list. Nominations should be submitted by 31st December 2015 to [email protected].

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