METAvivor is teaming up with Moore Fight Moore Strong for an incredible awareness campaign called #LightUpMBC. Together we have worked to unite over 80 iconic landmarks in 65 cities across the globe within 5 countries to light in green, pink and teal throughout October. This year we're working to light even more in support for MBC Awareness Day on October 13th, 2020. 

METAvivor has joined forces with Moore Fight Moore Strong (MFMS) to produce #LightUpMBC this year. Moore Fight Moore Strong has been lighting up monuments around the world to honor the memory of  best friend and metastatic breast cancer patient, Jessica Moore. #LightUpMBC raises awareness for Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) and the need for funding to find life extending treatments for the terminal disease. Last year, Moore Fight Moore Strong worked to unite over 70 locations across the globe to illuminate major landmarks in teal, pink and green to raise awareness for MBC on and around MBC Awareness Day which is Sunday, October 13th.  The “Light Up MBC” campaign has been initiated in support of metastatic breast cancer research funding through METAvivor Research and Support, Inc.

The Memorial Bridge near Jessica Moore’s hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire was the first landmark to light up for the disease in October 2017, just five months after Jessica’s passing at the age of 36. Prior to Jessica’s passing, she said she thought it would be amazing to light a landmark for MBC to raise awareness for METAvivor Research and Support and that conversation has guided us to take #LightUpMBC internationally.

“Lighting landmarks doesn't help the cause if people don’t understand the reason behind it,” stated Laura Inahara, Executive Director of Moore Fight Moore Strong. “That is where the help of the public is necessary to share our current social media posts about the lightings and to create their own both prior to and on the evenings of the lightings. Directing the public to our social media as well as their own local media outlets is important to continue to bring awareness and educate the public on MBC and the lack of research funding.”

"METAvivor has worked very hard to increase research funding specifically for stage IV MBC, we are fearful the pandemic will cause research funding to move backward instead of forward Many organizations have discontinued their research cycle this year." said METAvivor Executive Director Sonya Negley. "METAvivor is continuing our research cycle. We simply must  keep focused on our funding target and work together to continue MBC research" 

#LightUpMBC is a great way to raise awareness and money for MBC research! 

What can you do to help?

1. Sign up to host a lighting in your area - Simply share with your network the landmark that will be lit, set out our sign, post to social media before and during the lighting.

2. Share with your network and ask for donations to METAvivor Research and Support (Link).

3. Share the hashtag #LightUpMBC with your friends and family. Ask them to share too!